Yawn…. stretch… Yawn some more. Clyde here! Holy cow.. I’ve been hibernating all winter! Usually Mom (Emily) writes the blog, but I’ve been sitting out in the snow and rain all winter, and Mom’s busy. So, I thought I’d take over for a bit.

It’s been kinda lonely, down here in my corner of the yard. I’ve had some pretty birds to watch, and sometimes the neighbor’s cat comes by and hangs out inside for a bit. He likes to walk across my axles and try to jump at the couple of bits of wiring I have dangling. We talk, but you know… cats aren’t really all that into campers, and he wasn’t even alive in the 1970’s, so we don’t have much in common.

BUT… I have a feeling it’s going to warm up soon. Dad (Chad) was down here a couple of days ago, and he had the measuring tape out. That always means exciting times are coming! He has some pretty metal all ready to lay down as my brand new floor. He’s going to top that off with some wood, and I’ll be solid and ready for my interior!

What’s my interior going to look like? SPIFFY! That’s what! For my guts, I get Pex plumbing to a single faucet. I get romex wiring, like houses get. I’m not going to be battery capable, simply because Mom says the devil will ice skate before she camps off the grid. She’s kinda girly and a little spoiled. Don’t tell her I said that. She’ll retaliate by putting pink cushions on my couch!

The guts stuff won’t take very long at all, ’cause Dad was an electrician guy for a long time. So, once that’s ran, and the brake lights/marker lights and such are ran (he’s a car guy, too, so this stuff’s gonna be fast), then it’s gonna get super exciting. Why? ‘Cause I get…

PANELING!!! Do you even know how awesome paneling is? I mean, I know some people like that wallboard stuff, but honestly… paneling is where it’s at! I am a 1970’s camper. I am all about the paneling! Oh, that and Disco Balls!!! But, Dad said No the the disco ball. He says he has to keep an eye on Mom or I’m gonna be tacky. We’re not telling him about the boxes of 1970’s decor Mom has. Mom says that’s our little secret. Apparently, I am going to have owls. Lots of them. She’s a little obsessed.

Anyway, back to the wonderful word of paneling. There are so many kinds.

You can have some that has pictures of deer.

Oh, Deer!

Oh, Deer!

Some that looks like wood.

Distressed, even!

Distressed, even!

Some that looks like dry-erase board.

(I was going to put in a picture, but um… it’s just white. Use your imagination!)

Some that you can hang tools on (it’s called Peg Board. Mom said no).

pegboard aka manly paneling

pegboard aka manly paneling

It’s AWESOME STUFF! And, being true to my 1974 self, it’s what I’m very excited about. We’re still deciding if we want all white bead board (big on bottom, little on top) or White on bottom with honey colored wood on top. Dad says if it’s all white, I’ll look like the inside of a refrigerator. I think Mom is starting to agree. I don’t care. I just want PANELING!

Now, I just have to talk them into shag carpet. That is NOT going to be easy.

Note from Clyde’s Mom: While helping Clyde find paneling pictures I discovered that paneling has a high end world. I had no idea. If you want to have your mind blown by what some places consider paneling, check this out:

This ain't your disco paneling

feel free to click here and have your mind completely blown by a lot more examples:  http://www.trendir.com/archives/004176.html


Paint! A Poll and Contest!

OK, I’ve been trying to do this post forever, but (and it hurts me so to admit this) it’s taken me this long to figure out how to post the pictures. I’m so dismayed by my lack of techiness. Sigh. I gave up and just saved the pictures, and posted them that way. I’m sure there’s some fabulous link-y way to do it, but GOK (God only knows…). So, just pretend they have links, okay?!

Anyway, for those who do not know, I am a Pinterest addict. And, my favorite use for it… pinning stuff for Clyde!!! As it looks like we’ll be doing a massive paint job on him, many of my pins are of other vintage camper exteriors. I’m going to share some of those, and let me know which ones you like best by voting in the poll. Bear in mind, he’ll still be avocado and cream, these are just schemes I like not necessarily color.

NOW… the contest part?! You have to leave me a comment and justify WHY you think that particular paint scheme is just what Clyde needs!!! My favorite justification wins a Clyde prize! Might be a scrap of his original wallpaper, might be a cute owl, you never know, do you?!

On with the paint schemes!!!

Scheme 1: The Doodles

A solid background color with doodles in lots of fun 1970’s colors! Avocado, burnt orange, etc.

Scheme 2: The Graphic Touch

Anything from paisleys to pink flamingos. Just the idea of the cool vinyl graphics.

Scheme 3: The Scallops

Only 2 colors, but it makes it pop with color!

Scheme 4: Simply Swoopy

I love the lines and especially love the simple silver pinstriping.

Scheme 5: The Big Stripes

I love the simplicity. But, you still get color in a good size dose. What color would you use to accent it? For the small stripe?

Scheme 6: The Waves

This is so simple, but it gives it such a sweet look!

Scheme 7: Plain Ol’ Clyde… his original paint job, just redone and made pretty! A nice, shiny almond color with a big, avocado green stripe all the way around!

The One and Only Clyde!

I had the idea of doing a cute little poll that you could click and vote, but honestly… wordpress strikes again. They make you import from another site, add all the junk into it and it’s a huge pain. So, just leave me a comment with your choice and WHY! The more fun, the better! Winners will be picked sometime in the next 2 weeks. We all know how forgetful I am, so that gives me time to remember it. Sad, huh? Yeah. I know.

Vintage Round-up!

I have had so much fun trying to find the perfect vintage items for my dear Clyde. I have to admit to spending an ungodly amount of time trawling Etsy and eBay for vintage goodies. A girl’s gotta have a hobby, and it fills the hours I do not get to work on Clyde.

I already had some nifty plates and cups, but when I saw the vintage Tupperware plates, cups and mugs, I nearly had a heart attack. Did you even know that Tupperware made these? I had no idea!

Beautiful Plumage

Did you notice the cute little mugs?? They are MAGIC!! Well, the mugs aren’t, but the little circle thingees are. Oh, so magic!!  Magic, you say??


Look, it’s a coaster. But, how is a coaster magic???


When it doubles as a LID!!!!

As it turns out, Chad’s mom used to sell Tupperware and he remembers having these very same cups and plates. I thought that was just awesome! So, a neat bit of memory for him.

Now, what might the little “tower” in the back be? A spice set! There are 4 individual spice containers with shaker/pour tops that stack. Unbreakable and highly useful, so I am, naturally in love!

It's lookin' spicy in here!

Oh, and what is the sparkly, silver stuff in the front? It’s a set of letters from the Vintage Marketplace. I think they are brushed aluminum. Spells out Clyde. I’m going to use them in a shadowbox.


Bendix only made campers for a few years, so finding anything about them is almost impossible. The camper had no markings, no badges, no indication that it’s a Bendix. I’ve tried to find anything about them, but there’s nothing out there! So, since the Bendix company still exists and has made everything from washing machines to airplanes, I started hunting “vintage Bendix” items on eBay. I found one of the coolest radios EVER.

Radio a la Vintage

Ready for your closeup


It is AM only and probably from the 1940’s. When you plug it in, you can actually hear the vacuum tubes warming up. And, it has surprisingly good sound. The clock doesn’t work, but I’ve found a local clock shop that is willing to try repairing it. Sure, we probably won’t use it much, but it’s just such a neat touch!

The front is glass, and unfortunately, UPS managed to crack it during shipping. 😦  But, it’s still totally cool, so I’m still pleased! I think out of all the bits ‘n’ pieces I’ve rounded up so far, this is Chad’s favorite. I mentioned gutting it and turning it into an MP3 player and I am pretty sure Chad had a small stroke. Apparently, it’ll be staying all original.

My last item isn’t Bendix and isn’t anything I’ll ever use. It’s all about Chad. He’s a martini fanatic. And, when on vacation, once must have a nice martini, right?! So, I wanted to find a vintage martini shaker, but I also wanted it to be something camper-like. Small and kitschy and cute. Oh, did I ever find it!! It wasn’t an actual martini shaker, but so completely cute!!!!

Shook me all night long!

Shake it up, baby!

It’s a smoothie mixer/shaker of aluminum. It also measures, so it’ll do double duty in the kitchen!


So, that’s they Clyde round-up for now. I’m sure I have a lot more shopping to do, and will be telling you all about the fun finds!



Well, yet another screw-up

Well, poor me. I have a habit of jumping in with both feet and going crazy on stuff, then stepping back and going, “Hmm… I did not think this through.”  I am staring at a small piece of this right now.

It arrived in the mail, on my porch in a big box. A California post-mark. Finally, after weeks of waiting, the Yellow Chenille Bedspread arrived. I had “won” it on eBay. After I won it, I realized the camper wouldn’t hold a double (full size) bed and have room for cabinets, so we’ve decided to do two twins. Naturally, the bedspread was a full size. Not one to let things slow me down much, I figured we could cut it up to be the right size and use the “leftover” pieces as curtains or as upholstery for the cushions we’ll put around the bed (think day-bed/futon/couch).

That would have worked, were it not for the crushing disappointment when I opened the box. It was a lightweight chenille. Basically a super-thin, almost-sheetlike blanket with the requisite chenille fuzzies. Not at all what I’d hoped for. In the picture on eBay it looked like the heavy-weight ones we had when I was a kid.

I have a total inability to sleep under a sheet. I fall asleep under the sheet, only to awaken a short time later with the sheet crunched up at the bottom of the bed, my blanket totally undisturbed. I have no idea how I do this. But, due to that, I have to sleep under a really soft blanket or quilt. This one is too light and it’s scratchy. So, it’s just not going to work at all.

So, I’m back on the hunt and stuck with a chenille blanket I do not like. Or at least, I felt stuck with it, until I realized while it is not to my taste, someone else is in LOVE with it. Weasley, our cat, loves it. He was curling up on it and rubbing all over it as I got it out of the box. He simply would not leave it alone. His favorite place to sleep in the house is on top of a big, upholstered chair in the living room. We have to keep a towel or sheet over it, so he doesn’t cover it in cat-hair. So, since it was not going to work out putting the bedspread in Clyde, we spread it over the chair. Weasley is ecstatic. It protects the chair, so I’m happy.

So, yet another little set-back, but so minor it doesn’t matter. Clyde giveth and the kitty taketh. So, it all works out in the end.

He's snoring. No joke.

He’s Beautiful Inside (aka He’s got a great personality)

OK, currently NOTHING on Clyde is pretty and I totally know that. But, as we all know… I gots plans. I gots ambition. And, more than anything else, I got tchotchkes! So, in my head, Clyde is already decorated and gorgeous inside. But, considering what he looks like right now, he reminds me of that Blind Date Kiss-of-Death intro… he’s got a great personality! He’s so beautiful inside!

Now, to help you visualize (and to keep me from losing track of what I have for him), I had a little photo session in my Clyde Storage Area or CSA (okay, it’s a shelf with a couple of storage boxes in the basement, but doesn’t it sound like a Warehouse with awesome crates in it when I call the CSA). It consisted of beautifully posed shots on a gorgeous backdrop*. Here are the results and some descriptions.

*actually, me sitting in the freezing cold basement floor with an old sheet behind the items, waiting on the laundry to finish so I could swap it out and go back upstairs

As a side note, before I begin, I want to note that this is the first time I’ve used WordPress for a blog. I need to learn some more about it, because right now… the pictures are driving me NUTS. I absolutely HATE the way it has you insert pictures and edit them. It has 3 different areas to title and tag and sometimes my best oneliners wind up showing up only if you hover over the pictures. So, bear with me, and if you want to get a little humor, go thru this and the old posts and hover over the pictures for some giggles. Now, on the way:

Owl Fetish

Whooooo are you?Whoo Whoo Whoo Whoo

Yes, the owl fetish continues. Clyde will be true to his 1970’s roots and rock out with the owl theme and appropriate color scheme. Here are just a couple of examples. Believe it or not, none of these were purchased by me! They were all gifts to Clyde from my friends. Thank you Katie, Beverly, Heather and Holly! He’s quite popular with the ladies!

Dinner with the Groove-sters

The 70's called, this is too vintage for even them

Only the hippest of hip for our Clyde! He will be rocking out with Walmart’s Finest Summer Clearance from Summer 2011. The entire ensemble wound up costing me $4. To keep him as enviro-friendly as possible, I’m really going to try to use as much non-disposable stuff as I can. These plates and such are so cheap and so thin that they probably weigh less than paper plates anyway!

Kitchen Bits

Clashing much?

Yes, I know they’re mostly red. I also know that they came from the Dollar Tree, therefore fit my budget. They’ll hide in the cabinets when company comes, so no one has to know. But, the little basket-y thing will fit in the color scheme and is someday going to hold silverware. When we get some.

Electricaly-Welectricaly Things

Shocking? I hope not

On the right, we have the things that wire Clyde up to the Jeep to tow. Don’t ask me how they work. I may be an electrician’s kid and the wife of a former electrician. I may be able to pull wire and install outlets. I still don’t understand how any of it works. I chalk it up to Electrical Magic brought about by Magical Electrical fairies. Price on these $0. Gift from my Dad!

To the left, we have my favorite part of camping as a kid. The awning lights! I used to LOVE picking those out. And, naturally, the tackier they were, the happier I was. I found ice cream cones, owls with sparkly eyes and tons of cool ones. Alas, the groovy, blown-plastic atrocities of my childhood are nowhere to be found, or if found, are a bajillion dollars on eBay. Still, I found a close second in cool-factor. Mini Coleman lanterns. They were $20 at the Coleman outlet and so darn cute I paid full price.

Pots ‘n’ Pans

I have a 9x13 baking pan in here... and no oven.

OK, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but ya gotta cook on something. I couldn’t use high quality cookware because:

  • a. it is expensive
  • b. it is heavy
  • c. did I mention it’s expensive?

So, we got the Walmart box set! It has pretty much everything you need to fix basic meals, which is about all we’ll do in a camper. And, despite being priced $39.99, I caught it on sale on Black Friday 2010 for $9.99. BARGAIN! And, since everyone was busy fighting over the cheap TVs and X-Boxes, no one cared that I got one, so I didn’t have to risk my life. Score!



Aren’t they cute? Aren’t they perfect? Aren’t they the wrong freakin’ size??? And, naturally, the band around them has torn off in storage, so I doubt they will take them back. I’m going to try this weekend. But, if they don’t, I’ll just keep them and make curtains or something out of them. Good news is, I got them on clearance at Target for $7 last year.

Butter yellow? Heck no, it's Princess Buttercup Yellow!

The bedspread in it's it's fringey chenilley goodness!

Lunatic Fringe!!!!!

Check out the fringe!

And, the piece most recently added to the collection (so new it missed the photo shoot, these are the pics from the seller) is my pride and joy. $16.49 on eBay (with free shipping). It’s my vintage, yellow, chenille bedspread!!! Isn’t it groovy??? It’s also the wrong size. BUT, I’m going to make this into a positive. I’m going to have someone who knows how to sew (I’m looking at you, Paula, Khara and Mom) to cut the excess off and make it into pillows to surround the bed. That way, the bed can double as a second seating area (couch) and be all matchy-cute. Since the bedspread is 103″ and a twin mattress is only 39″, we should have plenty to work with!

A board with glass knobs! Awesome!

What more can I say. Stick. Glass.

Yeah, that’s exactly what it is! My mom used it as a coat hanger for a while in the cabin and got sick of it. I doubt we’ll have room to hang coats, so the plan is to use the knobs on the various cabinet doors. Free is always doable!

Hot Stuff!

Lookin' for some hot stuff...

Literally! HOT! This is the “stove.” Since counter space will be at a premium, and an actual stove costs a lot of money, we are going with a hotplate set. I was discussing this at work, and lo and behold… my friend Bev had one (a much nicer one than the piece of junk we were going to buy for $20) and just gave it to me! FREE!!!!

I saw the Light…

I saw the light, I saw the light...

I saw the light, I saw the light...

OK, I think out of all of my great purchases for little Clyde, this one has to be the most impressive bargain-wise. I fell in love with these lights. We have NO overhead room (even for shorties like me and Chad, there is only a couple of feet above our head) and besides that, messing with the roof/ceiling to install a light is just asking for trouble, since the roof is pretty much the only thing that does NOT currently leak and doesn’t appear to have done so in the past. So, we decided to put a small light in each corner over the sleeping/sitting/dining areas. It needed to be small, because so is Clyde. I loved these at first sight. They were on clearance for $20 each. I knew much cheaper fixtures would work just as well, so I decided to hold off and see if they’d drop. I went back about a week later and they were down to $10 each. I was so happy. I also forgot my stupid debit card at home and had about $2 in cash.  I worried myself to pieces that they’d sell before I could get back. Not only did they not sell, there were 4 (exactly what I needed) left when I got back… and they’d been cut down again in price. To $5 each!!!! So, $20 was much easier to swallow than $80 AND they even come with the light bulbs! YAY, ME!!!

We may add some strip lighting under the cabinets and under the shelf over the dinette area, but we’re going to wait and see how bright these little guys are first. If they aren’t quite enough, small fluorescent lights will be super-easy to install and are crazy-cheap.

Incredibly Advanced and Expensive Music System

Video killed the radio star!!!

OK, it was free, it came in the camper. And, it works. CD/Radio and very importantly, weather band (after we ran into tornadoes in Oklahoma one year and had no idea until we SAW THEM, a weather radio is high on my list of priorities for travel). Sadly, no input area for me to plug in the iPod and my white-noise app that makes me sleep like a baby. Soo..

Bling me, baby!!

Yup, pink speakers for my pink iPod! I actually bought these ages ago to use as speaker in my office. I didn’t read the fine-print (shocker) and didn’t realize they wouldn’t do crap as computer speakers. As an iPod speaker, though, they’re pretty good! And, they add such an air of masculinity to the joint. Yeah, Chad won’t even use cover on the iPod it is so girly. I’m sure he will be thrilled to see the speakers.  Speaker cost $8.

There are other things (some super-cool towels with cute colored trim that even has a built in hanger-upper and a black microwave) that were tucked too far back to drag out. And, besides, my laundry was done, so the photo session was over.