Yawn…. stretch… Yawn some more. Clyde here! Holy cow.. I’ve been hibernating all winter! Usually Mom (Emily) writes the blog, but I’ve been sitting out in the snow and rain all winter, and Mom’s busy. So, I thought I’d take over for a bit.

It’s been kinda lonely, down here in my corner of the yard. I’ve had some pretty birds to watch, and sometimes the neighbor’s cat comes by and hangs out inside for a bit. He likes to walk across my axles and try to jump at the couple of bits of wiring I have dangling. We talk, but you know… cats aren’t really all that into campers, and he wasn’t even alive in the 1970’s, so we don’t have much in common.

BUT… I have a feeling it’s going to warm up soon. Dad (Chad) was down here a couple of days ago, and he had the measuring tape out. That always means exciting times are coming! He has some pretty metal all ready to lay down as my brand new floor. He’s going to top that off with some wood, and I’ll be solid and ready for my interior!

What’s my interior going to look like? SPIFFY! That’s what! For my guts, I get Pex plumbing to a single faucet. I get romex wiring, like houses get. I’m not going to be battery capable, simply because Mom says the devil will ice skate before she camps off the grid. She’s kinda girly and a little spoiled. Don’t tell her I said that. She’ll retaliate by putting pink cushions on my couch!

The guts stuff won’t take very long at all, ’cause Dad was an electrician guy for a long time. So, once that’s ran, and the brake lights/marker lights and such are ran (he’s a car guy, too, so this stuff’s gonna be fast), then it’s gonna get super exciting. Why? ‘Cause I get…

PANELING!!! Do you even know how awesome paneling is? I mean, I know some people like that wallboard stuff, but honestly… paneling is where it’s at! I am a 1970’s camper. I am all about the paneling! Oh, that and Disco Balls!!! But, Dad said No the the disco ball. He says he has to keep an eye on Mom or I’m gonna be tacky. We’re not telling him about the boxes of 1970’s decor Mom has. Mom says that’s our little secret. Apparently, I am going to have owls. Lots of them. She’s a little obsessed.

Anyway, back to the wonderful word of paneling. There are so many kinds.

You can have some that has pictures of deer.

Oh, Deer!

Oh, Deer!

Some that looks like wood.

Distressed, even!

Distressed, even!

Some that looks like dry-erase board.

(I was going to put in a picture, but um… it’s just white. Use your imagination!)

Some that you can hang tools on (it’s called Peg Board. Mom said no).

pegboard aka manly paneling

pegboard aka manly paneling

It’s AWESOME STUFF! And, being true to my 1974 self, it’s what I’m very excited about. We’re still deciding if we want all white bead board (big on bottom, little on top) or White on bottom with honey colored wood on top. Dad says if it’s all white, I’ll look like the inside of a refrigerator. I think Mom is starting to agree. I don’t care. I just want PANELING!

Now, I just have to talk them into shag carpet. That is NOT going to be easy.

Note from Clyde’s Mom: While helping Clyde find paneling pictures I discovered that paneling has a high end world. I had no idea. If you want to have your mind blown by what some places consider paneling, check this out:

This ain't your disco paneling

feel free to click here and have your mind completely blown by a lot more examples:  http://www.trendir.com/archives/004176.html


A day without disaster!!!

We actually had a day of progress. Pure progress. No explosions, nothing falling apart. No rabid wolves, no scary noises, nothing. I figure that this means we will, very soon, be hit by a meteor. I mean, hey… what’s a Clyde-day without a terrible SNAFU?? But, anyway, we didn’t have an explosion. It went well. What did we accomplish? Why, let me tell you…

THE BACK IS DONE. Done. The whole thing. Yes, it is completely studded in, ready to get insulation, paneling, wiring, etc. It is as strong as it can possibly be!

No way on the face of earth it’ll fall apart now! We even got the siding put back on, although that is only temporary.

We’ve got several areas that will require new siding.

I am hoping it won’t be too expensive to replace these. I’d like nice, new siding. But, if that is not an option due to cost, I’m skimming the internet and hunting used siding. Do you think that perhaps there is a “used, ugly siding warehouse” online? We shall find out!!


I also got to do my absolute favorite part of the Clyde Project. I got to tear things up. I ripped out walls, paneling, and framing. Oh, how I love to destroy stuff! Demolition (aka “demo”) is my happy thought! I absolutely adore yanking out walls and insulation and such. Gimme a crowbar, a hammer and a zip-saw and I may squeal in pure delight.

So, with my trusty tools of destruction, I ripped out the walls up to the front couch-bunk.  We have now torn out everything original except the very front wall. Can, I just tell you how much I am looking forward to NEVER seeing the grasscloth wallpaper again? I loathe that stuff.

Oh, and can I go on a rant here? I hate construction adhesive. I love it when I am USING it. I just hate when trying to destroy the camper walls is hindered by over-use of Liquid nails. The paneling is glued to the original studs with roughly 364 tubes of this crap per inch. Seriously, I shed blood just trying to rip off the stupid paneling!! UGH. The rest of the camper was built so shoddily, but they glue everything?! UGH, UGH, UGH.

End of rant.

However, we did have something new and fun… we had a little bit of nature set up housekeeping in the camper while we were away for a couple of weeks. We found the beginnings of a squirrel nest, and a spider with a shiny, silver spot on him that looks remarkably like a Hello Kitty face!

And, now the part both of you have been waiting for: CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!

Later this week, I will be posting a poll comprised of some shots of neat paint schemes I’ve found on Pinterest. I’ll have some of my favorites up, and I want you to vote for the one you like best. In the comments, make an argument for your choice. The best, funniest, most persuasive comment will win a small Clyde prize. Don’t go getting all excited, it’s not much! No all-expenses-paid trips to Tahiti (or to Piney Flats for that matter), but it’ll be something super-cute! So, get your thinking caps on and get ready to be creative!

I leave you with one last picture, the late, not lamented Chillolator 3000 in its full size glory, in the middle of the camper floor. HUGE drill on top to show size.