Why, what big eyes you have!

Look! Look!!!!! Just look!!!!! CLYDE GOTS EYES!!!! Well, one eye, anyway! After a small snafu (yeah, like that’s so abnormal here) with the order, we got some butyl putty tape. Chad actually hid this roll when it came in, so I didn’t even know it was here.
I yelled down to our part of the house to come for supper when I got home. He came bounding up the stairs and said, “Hey, you might wanna look at Clyde!” I looked out, and there it was!! A windowed Clyde!
He said he bit off a bit more than he meant to. Apparently, to get it to STAY in, he had to also put on the inside trim ring! Which, since we have no insulation or paneling up, was a bit of a pain. He rigged it for now, got it in nice and snug and there it is!!!
It was getting dark, so I only managed to get one sort of half-decent picture. But, it’s so wonderful to see a beautiful, clean, fully installed window!

clyde window
This is a baby step, but we’ve lost SO much time on Clyde this summer, that seeing something done is just heart-warming!!!
And, to know that Chad came in from a long day at inservice and did this for me… how cool is that?!
Love that man!!!!!


Blood, sweat, exploding light bulbs and clean windows

Well, it’s been ages. This has seriously been the wettest, hottest summer EVER in East Tennessee. And, between that, once again having a home to maintain and craziness at work, poor Clyde has suffered a terrible lack of attention. But, he got some love this weekend!

His windows were a nasty mess.

Sticker residue


Sticker goo residue and chunks of packing tape had baked onto the actual glass. The sections behind the glass, where the metal push/pull things are cannot be reached and the windows don’t come all the way apart.

Handle Thingee. It's a technical term.

So, I did my best by shoving a toothbrush loaded up with Dawn dishwashing liquid up under there and scraping out the piles of dirt. Ick, ick, ick.










What we had assumed was some sort of mold/mildew on the trim, was just that. But it was ON TOP OF and somehow completely joined with some sort of nasty silicone or caulk.

Nasty stickers and nastier metal

Nasty, it's time for your close up!

Nasty, it’s time for your close up!

It was a BEAST to clean off. Goo-Gone, a Cell-o scrubby sponge, some Dawn Dishwashing liquid and almost FOUR hours of my time, and it was as clean as it was going to get. The aluminum is anodized (basically no longer shiny, just down to a dull, white-ish color. When we get them put in (hopefully this week), we’ll see how they fit and once in, we’ll take some Mother’s Aluminum Polish to it and hope for the best!

As Chad says, they’re not perfect, but God knows they’re much better than they were!!




Now, on to the blood part. We were just finishing up the window when a storm came in really fast. We moved everything into the garage and were going back out for a final sweep when suddenly something sounded like an explosion and there was glass EVERYWHERE. Including a handy-sized chunk sticking out of my foot.

Blood was pouring out, and Chad was freaking out. He does NOT handle my injuries well. I was barefoot, so I didn’t dare move. While Mom ran to grab my shoes, we figured out the source of the glass. The front lens of an outdoor flood light bulb had broken free from the rest of the light bulb. It was thick, thick glass. And, it went every stinkin’ where!

Got inside, got the chunk of glass out, got the bleeding stopped and realized it was a puncture wound. Nice ‘n’ deep and not the kinda wound you can stitch. So, I slapped some neosporin a lot of gauze and a bandaid on it. And, proceeded to bleed all over the place periodically.

Mom said it was almost like having Dad around, since he bled every time we did a home improvement project. LOL!

But, all is well, the windows are safely stored, and awaiting another nice day to install.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

I think I may have either mentioned this, or hinted at it, in an earlier blog. But, I came across the picture of the actual note today, so I thought I’d share.
This was back a few weeks after we moved into the new house. Now, let me say, we live in a basic subdivision. This is not a gated community of million dollar homes. It’s a subdivision in a rural area with little to no restrictions. There are above ground pools, storage sheds, etc. It’s not fancy, let alone schmancy.
So, imagine my surprise finding THIS little gem in the mailbox one day.

Our neighborhood, not yours. Got it? Now move your ugly camper.

Welcome to our Neighborhood

Naturally, it was anonymous. At this point, we’d met a whopping ONE neighbor. After a good crying jag, and talking Chad out of going out and beating the crap out of everyone in the neighborhood, we went to our neighbors to the left, Bill & Ann (the only ones we knew at this point). They were shocked, and appalled and pretty much called out the sour-faced old lady next door (to the right) as the perpetrator. They said she thinks she owns the neighborhood and looks down at everyone. Thus, we made sure to leave Clyde right where he is. And, to occasionally leave other detrius out in the yard just to bug her.
We’d heard nothing from her (literally, she will not look at us, and we’ve walked right past her house without her saying a single word… guilt much?) until this week. She waited until Chad and I were gone to work, and, at 9pm, showed up on Mom’s doorstep. Mom was polite to her, and listened to her whine and gripe about the man that mows our yard hitting her fence. Mom told her we’d have the fence fixed and she went on her merry way.
The lawn guy showed up, and before I could even get out to him, the battle-axe was out on her side of the fence (and she should be SO glad for that) berating our lawn guy. Well, I think you can guess who’d had enough.
I quickly informed her that we would repair the fence, as Mom had told her. She proceeds to start yanking up another section of fence and says that it needs to be replaced, and stares at me. I just said, “Not my problem.” She started in about how she’s putting the house on the market blah, blah, blah. I think I actually said, “Not on my dime. If you want it fixed, fix it yourself. We didn’t do it, we have nothing to do with it and we’re not fixing it.” She must have noticed the absolute RAGE in my eyes, as she could not get away fast enough.
The more I stewed on it, the madder I got. She has been the ONLY bad part of living here. So, I grabbed my friend (and attorney) Eric’s card and marched right over to her house. Rang her doorbell. She stood there with this smarmy grin on her face, with her cell phone turned partly out so the person on the other end could hear me. I can only assume she thought she’d be getting an apology. This goes to prove she doesn’t know me very well.
I said, “As I told you earlier, we will repair the fence on my husband’s day off. We will NOT be repairing anything else, and if you need to communicate with us in the future, please do so through our attorney. Here’s his card.”
You should have seen her face. Fury does not touch it. I just turned and walked off, like Clint Eastwood into the sunset. Well, if Clint Eastwood was a plump, gray-haired middle aged woman in Hello Kitty scrubs. Anyway, I felt GREAT! The 2 men across from her house mowing their yards had stopped to watch the exchange, and they gave me thumbs up. Apparently, everyone has had their fill of her.
On my way back, the sweet couple across the street asked me what was up, and after filling them in, they offered to come over and help us deck Clyde out in Christmas lights (they’d missed the note debacle) and pink flamingos.
So,this may not have much to do with Clyde, but I just wanted y’all to know that I stood up for him, for decent people and lawn mower guys the world over. You can mess with me, but you better never mess with my camper!!!

Pinning Away

Still not much of an update on Clyde. He’s hanging out in the backyard, and has weathered a LOT of rain and snow with no leaking! So, good progress, but not any REAL progress. So, to keep you from dying of boredom while you wait for a new post (LOL), here’s a couple of boards that are Clyde-inspired on Pinterest.
The first is a board I pin just about everything vintage trailer related on. Cute exteriors, ideas for interiors, a chandelier or two. Just the usual.

Next is the “cut and dried” board of pieces, parts, etc. Everything from water heaters to wiring diagrams with some tail lights and awning rails thrown in.

Hope these give you some day dreaming to do, and some neat ideas to follow up on!

Where we are NOW

Well, with all the sad things that went on, we are behind on Clyde. But, we are a chunk further ahead than the last time you, all 3 of my intrepid readers, got an update. So, let me catch you up!

My birthday was in November (the big 4-0!!) and of course, like any woman would… I asked for siding for my birthday! No, I am not kidding. So, that’s what I got! 2 big ol’ rolls (in the correct size, so no breakdowns necessary) of Clyde siding. Clyding!

I also got a new crew of worker bees in! Our dear friends, Charles and Myron, came over from Charleston to help us with Clyde! You know your friends just rock when they will come for a weekend of slave labor!

The best part of having them there… we had a tall person!!!! Chad and I are both a whopping 5’4″, so we utilize many, many ladders in fixing Clyde. Not Charles! He could stand on the ground and reach the top of the camper! OH, it was AWESOME!!!!

clyde helpers

Please notice that Chad is standing ON Clyde’s tongue and is the same height as Charles, who is standing on the ground and is almost as tall as Clyde. Notice Myron is almost as tall as Charles. It was like having Giants come over to play!!! (from L to R- Chad, Charles, Myron)

So, we actually manged to get ALL the sides on! We decided with Winter rapidly approaching, that we were NOT going to cut the windows out on the sides until we were ready to put them in. That way, we don’t get the snow and rain pouring in thru the openings. So, he’s looking a little utilitarian!

Notice how the siding isn't even tucked in around the bottom. We had to quit that afternoon when we ran out of light and food! But, we got both sides on!

Notice how the siding isn’t even tucked in around the bottom. We had to quit that afternoon when we ran out of light and food! But, we got both sides on!

We had been doing all our work at my parents’ home. It’d been for sale for a while (they were selling and we were letting our apartment go so that we could all buy a place together, so we could help them and so Dad could be closer to his doctors), and we got a nibble in December. So, we had to kick into high gear to get Clyde ready to move somewhere that wouldn’t be covered from the elements. So, Chad did some super-fast body work, got all the metal trimmed up, buttoned up and ready to go! During this time, my father passed away, and the closing date hit. So, Clyde had to hit the road. It was his maiden voyage. We have NO electrical in him, so Chad just hooked up a set of towing lights, and away they went. ¬†Again, Charles came down to help, getting the joy of riding behind Clyde on his first tow (he’s a brave man). The only issue was that the door still doesn’t seal well (not all the trim is on yet), so it kept flying open. Duct tape truly will fix pretty much everything!!!

Buttoned up and ready to travel!

Buttoned up and ready to travel!

Late that night, as the sun set, Clyde moved into his new home. He’s not covered any more, but he does have his own backyard to run and play in!

Currently, we are having to take care of moving stuff (it has snowed and rained like crazy and we had to add a kitchen to our part of the house, so we’ve been busy). Clyde has had to take a back seat. But, the days are getting longer and warmer, so it’s almost Clyde time again! I’ve missed the little guy. Can’t wait to get back in there and get him ready to roll. Hopefully, he’ll be “campable” this summer!

Long time gone

We have been gone for quite a while. We’ve gotten a small bit done on Clyde, but not nearly what we’d hoped. Why?
Well, my Dad had been sick for a while, and he recently passed away. We knew he had a limited time, but we didn’t expect it this soon. As a matter of fact, we were in the process of buying a house with he and Mom, so we could help him as his illness progressed, and so that he’d be closer to the hospital, when he did get sick.
He passed away after the papers had been signed, but before we got to move. So, there has been a flurry of activity. Death certificates, titles, deeds, wills, moving trucks, boxes, boxes and more boxes.
We’ve settled in the new neighborhood, with Clyde firmly placed in the back corner of our lot. Hopefully we will get more done on him soon.
I have some pictures and an update from this Fall. I’ll try to get it posted in the next couple of days and we’ll move on from there.
It’s going to be so sad to not have Dad there to see Clyde when he gets all done. He’s the reason I fell in love with camping, with fixing old stuff up. He’s the one that towed Clyde home from Illinois to Piney Flats. And, he won’t see him all nice and fixed up! It breaks my heart a little.

Quick Update: More Siding On… and Clyde looks like a welder!

Another fun-filled evening playing with the Clyde! It went much smoother placing the siding, but it got dark early, so it was really hard to place the rivets exactly, etc. We finally gave up and left some of the rivets not done and did not cut out the top portion of the window. Something about not wanting to use something that can cut off your fingers in less than optimal light! Go figure!

Anyway, here’s a pic of him with his almost-done front! I think with the window being only partially cut out, he looks like a welding hood (the helmet people use to weld with, it has a narrow slit to see thru). He’s sorta rockin’ a steampunk vibe!

Want me to weld that for ya?!


For Comparison (by the way, this is an AWESOME print on Etsy that I am so going to wind up buying. This guy does the most unusual alphabet cards. Y is for Yeti, A is for Afro, F is for Film Noir, N is for Narwhal, etc). Check him out!

So, lousy picture in fading light, but at least you know poor Clyde is not completely naked any more! He’s ¬†got both ends and his roof covered in siding now! He’s feeling much less drafty. The sides are going to require us suckering some friends to come and help throwing a party for our friends to visit Clyde. It took 4 of us to get the top piece on because of the bend and getting the metal totally flat, etc. It’s only 6.5 feet wide. At nearly 12 feet, I can only imagine how unwieldy those side pieces are going to be.

Of course, first I have to order the siding for the sides. Since Chad works the next 3 weekends straight, I’m not in a hurry. I have plenty of time to sell my kidney, or a couple of liver lobes (low miles, no alcohol!).

Thanks for joining our adventures, and we’ll see you next time!


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