I’m floored!

So, the first part of this actually happened several weeks ago, and I’m just now getting the time to post. I’m a lousy blogger, but we knew that. So, just move on, and pretend this just happened, if it makes you feel better!

Clyde has under floor and over floor, and some plastic between! He would have had it done a month ago, but… well, I’ll explain later!

Chad, as I have said a multitude of times, deserves a major award. He has done almost all the work on Clyde, and Clyde is really MY dream project, not his. This project REALLY proved it. Putting these floors down had to be the most awkward and irritating thing we’ve done in Clyde so far.

First, we cut and put down the metal portion of the floor, then came the truly irritating part. Putting the plastic vapor-barrier down. It was like trying to nail jello to the floor. Seriously, it slipped, it slid, and Chad would pull one way, I’d pull the other. Then, the metal would slide. We’d get that in place, then start over. Sometimes, we’d have to go under the camper and pull the metal back straight. If we’d been able to screw the metal down and then do the plastic, it’d be different. But, we wanted no screws under the wood, we wanted to sandwich it all together, to minimize the lumps and bumps on the floor. In other words, Chad was being a perfectionist!!!

But, we got the vapor barrier down, and taped it to the wall, so it would stay taut. Then, cut the wood. We did it in 3 sections. We started at the back, then added the front. Then…

As usual, Clyde had to have the last laugh. The last piece of plywood was literally a HALF INCH too small to cover the center gap. And, it was about 8pm on a Sunday. So, we couldn’t get more. Sigh. Oh, well, we got that part done today!!! So, it was a ways coming, but… ladies and gentlemen, I give you


CLYDE’S NEW FLOOR!!!!!!! (toward the front)


(toward the back)

Did you notice all the lines on the floor? The blue is (of course) chalk lines from measuring and cutting the floor. BUT, the white lines are something MUCH more exciting. We’ve done the floor plan, so to speak. We went through with our measurements of things we have (fridge, etc) and measurements we have (beds, cabinets) and taped outlines for where everything needs to be. We had to change plans on a few things (we’ve once again had to change our minds on the size of the bed in the back, and changed the dinette from the front do the back. Again. What does that make 87 times? 90? I have lost count). It felt SO real today. We have a REAL floor. 4 solid walls. It’s easy to see where things will be now. It’s just awesome. I’m getting super excited.

We’ve also ordered a few things. We’ve got the trim for the outside ordered from Ohio. Chad has a call in to get the metal (angle iron, which is actually steel, I think) for the roof. I’ve ordered the gizmos that you run the wiring and plumbing from the outside to the inside. So, things are moving much faster. Which is mind boggling considering how painfully slow this process has been. But, it’s been something we’ve cobbled together as our crazy schedules allow. And, we’ve had a lot of fun doing it. Today, we just sat in the floor, where our dinette will be, facing each other and smiling. Holy cow, it was a GREAT day!



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