Welcome to the Neighborhood!

I think I may have either mentioned this, or hinted at it, in an earlier blog. But, I came across the picture of the actual note today, so I thought I’d share.
This was back a few weeks after we moved into the new house. Now, let me say, we live in a basic subdivision. This is not a gated community of million dollar homes. It’s a subdivision in a rural area with little to no restrictions. There are above ground pools, storage sheds, etc. It’s not fancy, let alone schmancy.
So, imagine my surprise finding THIS little gem in the mailbox one day.

Our neighborhood, not yours. Got it? Now move your ugly camper.

Welcome to our Neighborhood

Naturally, it was anonymous. At this point, we’d met a whopping ONE neighbor. After a good crying jag, and talking Chad out of going out and beating the crap out of everyone in the neighborhood, we went to our neighbors to the left, Bill & Ann (the only ones we knew at this point). They were shocked, and appalled and pretty much called out the sour-faced old lady next door (to the right) as the perpetrator. They said she thinks she owns the neighborhood and looks down at everyone. Thus, we made sure to leave Clyde right where he is. And, to occasionally leave other detrius out in the yard just to bug her.
We’d heard nothing from her (literally, she will not look at us, and we’ve walked right past her house without her saying a single word… guilt much?) until this week. She waited until Chad and I were gone to work, and, at 9pm, showed up on Mom’s doorstep. Mom was polite to her, and listened to her whine and gripe about the man that mows our yard hitting her fence. Mom told her we’d have the fence fixed and she went on her merry way.
The lawn guy showed up, and before I could even get out to him, the battle-axe was out on her side of the fence (and she should be SO glad for that) berating our lawn guy. Well, I think you can guess who’d had enough.
I quickly informed her that we would repair the fence, as Mom had told her. She proceeds to start yanking up another section of fence and says that it needs to be replaced, and stares at me. I just said, “Not my problem.” She started in about how she’s putting the house on the market blah, blah, blah. I think I actually said, “Not on my dime. If you want it fixed, fix it yourself. We didn’t do it, we have nothing to do with it and we’re not fixing it.” She must have noticed the absolute RAGE in my eyes, as she could not get away fast enough.
The more I stewed on it, the madder I got. She has been the ONLY bad part of living here. So, I grabbed my friend (and attorney) Eric’s card and marched right over to her house. Rang her doorbell. She stood there with this smarmy grin on her face, with her cell phone turned partly out so the person on the other end could hear me. I can only assume she thought she’d be getting an apology. This goes to prove she doesn’t know me very well.
I said, “As I told you earlier, we will repair the fence on my husband’s day off. We will NOT be repairing anything else, and if you need to communicate with us in the future, please do so through our attorney. Here’s his card.”
You should have seen her face. Fury does not touch it. I just turned and walked off, like Clint Eastwood into the sunset. Well, if Clint Eastwood was a plump, gray-haired middle aged woman in Hello Kitty scrubs. Anyway, I felt GREAT! The 2 men across from her house mowing their yards had stopped to watch the exchange, and they gave me thumbs up. Apparently, everyone has had their fill of her.
On my way back, the sweet couple across the street asked me what was up, and after filling them in, they offered to come over and help us deck Clyde out in Christmas lights (they’d missed the note debacle) and pink flamingos.
So,this may not have much to do with Clyde, but I just wanted y’all to know that I stood up for him, for decent people and lawn mower guys the world over. You can mess with me, but you better never mess with my camper!!!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sillyliss
    Jul 30, 2013 @ 10:43:13

    Wow, that is a really unbelievable note. In our neighborhood, people just complain to the township board and then it goes in their minutes that there was a “nuisance” complaint. All of the nuisance complaints seem incredibly silly to me. They are all about this one, poor old guy who has a truck they don’t like in his yard. HOW is it bothering anybody? Leave the poor guy alone!

    Yay for you! I wish I could be more like you and really stand up for what is right. I need a backbone like yours. Awesome!!


  2. clydethecamper
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 11:40:12

    I do tend to have a little backbone to spare, but I used to be a door mat! Working in a jail will toughen ya right up. LOL!!!


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