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Well, with all the sad things that went on, we are behind on Clyde. But, we are a chunk further ahead than the last time you, all 3 of my intrepid readers, got an update. So, let me catch you up!

My birthday was in November (the big 4-0!!) and of course, like any woman would… I asked for siding for my birthday! No, I am not kidding. So, that’s what I got! 2 big ol’ rolls (in the correct size, so no breakdowns necessary) of Clyde siding. Clyding!

I also got a new crew of worker bees in! Our dear friends, Charles and Myron, came over from Charleston to help us with Clyde! You know your friends just rock when they will come for a weekend of slave labor!

The best part of having them there… we had a tall person!!!! Chad and I are both a whopping 5’4″, so we utilize many, many ladders in fixing Clyde. Not Charles! He could stand on the ground and reach the top of the camper! OH, it was AWESOME!!!!

clyde helpers

Please notice that Chad is standing ON Clyde’s tongue and is the same height as Charles, who is standing on the ground and is almost as tall as Clyde. Notice Myron is almost as tall as Charles. It was like having Giants come over to play!!! (from L to R- Chad, Charles, Myron)

So, we actually manged to get ALL the sides on! We decided with Winter rapidly approaching, that we were NOT going to cut the windows out on the sides until we were ready to put them in. That way, we don’t get the snow and rain pouring in thru the openings. So, he’s looking a little utilitarian!

Notice how the siding isn't even tucked in around the bottom. We had to quit that afternoon when we ran out of light and food! But, we got both sides on!

Notice how the siding isn’t even tucked in around the bottom. We had to quit that afternoon when we ran out of light and food! But, we got both sides on!

We had been doing all our work at my parents’ home. It’d been for sale for a while (they were selling and we were letting our apartment go so that we could all buy a place together, so we could help them and so Dad could be closer to his doctors), and we got a nibble in December. So, we had to kick into high gear to get Clyde ready to move somewhere that wouldn’t be covered from the elements. So, Chad did some super-fast body work, got all the metal trimmed up, buttoned up and ready to go! During this time, my father passed away, and the closing date hit. So, Clyde had to hit the road. It was his maiden voyage. We have NO electrical in him, so Chad just hooked up a set of towing lights, and away they went.  Again, Charles came down to help, getting the joy of riding behind Clyde on his first tow (he’s a brave man). The only issue was that the door still doesn’t seal well (not all the trim is on yet), so it kept flying open. Duct tape truly will fix pretty much everything!!!

Buttoned up and ready to travel!

Buttoned up and ready to travel!

Late that night, as the sun set, Clyde moved into his new home. He’s not covered any more, but he does have his own backyard to run and play in!

Currently, we are having to take care of moving stuff (it has snowed and rained like crazy and we had to add a kitchen to our part of the house, so we’ve been busy). Clyde has had to take a back seat. But, the days are getting longer and warmer, so it’s almost Clyde time again! I’ve missed the little guy. Can’t wait to get back in there and get him ready to roll. Hopefully, he’ll be “campable” this summer!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sillyliss
    Mar 19, 2013 @ 16:16:57

    Happy birthday! May it be a year of great Clydings! 🙂


  2. clydethecamper
    Mar 21, 2013 @ 10:46:52

    And, if we get him out, it will be a summer of Clyde-sightings! LOL!!! Oh, the puns, the puns!!!


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