Quick Update: More Siding On… and Clyde looks like a welder!

Another fun-filled evening playing with the Clyde! It went much smoother placing the siding, but it got dark early, so it was really hard to place the rivets exactly, etc. We finally gave up and left some of the rivets not done and did not cut out the top portion of the window. Something about not wanting to use something that can cut off your fingers in less than optimal light! Go figure!

Anyway, here’s a pic of him with his almost-done front! I think with the window being only partially cut out, he looks like a welding hood (the helmet people use to weld with, it has a narrow slit to see thru). He’s sorta rockin’ a steampunk vibe!

Want me to weld that for ya?!


For Comparison (by the way, this is an AWESOME print on Etsy that I am so going to wind up buying. This guy does the most unusual alphabet cards. Y is for Yeti, A is for Afro, F is for Film Noir, N is for Narwhal, etc). Check him out!

So, lousy picture in fading light, but at least you know poor Clyde is not completely naked any more! He’s  got both ends and his roof covered in siding now! He’s feeling much less drafty. The sides are going to require us suckering some friends to come and help throwing a party for our friends to visit Clyde. It took 4 of us to get the top piece on because of the bend and getting the metal totally flat, etc. It’s only 6.5 feet wide. At nearly 12 feet, I can only imagine how unwieldy those side pieces are going to be.

Of course, first I have to order the siding for the sides. Since Chad works the next 3 weekends straight, I’m not in a hurry. I have plenty of time to sell my kidney, or a couple of liver lobes (low miles, no alcohol!).

Thanks for joining our adventures, and we’ll see you next time!



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