Show me some SKIN!!!!!!!

Well, it finally happened. After mistakes in measuring, a small amount of blood shed (mine) and just prior to a monsoon a-blowin’ thru… Clyde got his new skin on! Not all of it, just the start. The back of Clyde is now clad in a beautiful golden-tan color. The window opening is cut out (THAT made a horrible noise) and we even test-fit the window and it will look AWESOME! He’s looking like a real camper now!!!

The first piece we actually put on a couple of weeks ago. We did this one just the two of us. That might have been a slight mistake. Or a huge one. The metal is thin, but strong. You have to place it exactly where you want it and begin securing it with rivets from the middle out, or you might have a “loose” area of skin that will look wrong. So, we had to hold a 6.5 foot piece of metal up, press it down evenly and secure it. If each person had 3 hands, this would not be hard. But, with only 4 hands between us, it was not pretty. I had my head, hands, one knee and my um… uh… hooters squished against the metal to help hold it. Even with the almighty substance (duct tape) holding it steady, we about wore ourselves out. But, we got piece one installed.

The first rivet in Clyde! Or, as Chad called it, “Clyde’s First Screw.” Yes, sometimes he is a 13 year old boy. Ignore the purple line, it’s just chalk!

Notice the plastic wrap. $10 a roll at ACE hardware. It will act as a vapor barrier to keep water from getting to the wood, and it’s currently keeping critters out while we get the skin on. Whattabargain!

So, we waited until we had slave labor, er, uh… until my parents were home to do the next piece! It went MUCH smoother. We truly could not have done it without them, because this piece had to be installed up on ladders and had to fit over a BIG curve and under the roof. So, it took all four of us for sure! Chad had a genius moment when he thought to install a piece of wood exactly where the bottom of the metal needed to go. It was temporary, but kept us from having to hold the bottom of the metal the whole time. MUCH easier than wrestling and duct taping.

First, we cut the window out of the bottom piece, so we wouldn’t have to cut thru 2 layers of metal at the overlap!

Then, the next step was to put the new metal on. No pictures of that particular circus, because we were all too busy holding stuff, hanging off of ladders, etc. Please notice the beautiful drawing of Chad and I looking out the window. Thankfully, that part got cut out.

Absolutely WONDERFUL! Beautiful new skin for our beautiful boy, Clyde!!!

I think my favorite part is the riveting! It reminds me of the old campers from the 1950’s and 1960’s. The screws come with a water-proof washer and are already painted to match the camper. As I have mentioned, this is metal roofing, before it gets the corrugation. It has a baked-on finish that lasts 40 years and doesn’t even have to be waxed. You don’t even have to buy special stuff to wash it. You can use dishwashing liquid. How easy!!!

We got the front all ready to put the siding on, and the heaven’s opened up. It was like a monsoon. There was a river of water pouring under the camper. So, we called it quits and went home. But, Clyde looks wonderful and we are SO proud.

I haven’t quit dancing for days now. Well, internal dancing, ’cause the inmates look at me odd when I dance during their physicals. Go figure!


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  1. Karen
    Sep 19, 2012 @ 21:53:51

    Emily, you are hilarious! I was laughing out loud. Clyde is looking good!!


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