So much for that idea (or measure twice, order once)

It was a weekend of ups and downs. Mostly ups, but a huge, crushing down.

We got all the siding off, finished even the most finicky of bits to framing, put in the new, flexible expanda-foam stuff in every little joint, unrolled our beautiful new siding and…

it was too short.

By 3 inches. An inch and a half on each side. 3 inches. And, the worst part… it was our fault. Chad asked me for the camper measurements, and I gave him the ones we’ve always used. The ones that were BEFORE we did all the exterior work. Guess what changed by 3 inches by the time we got all the work done?  Sigh.

Good news is, it’ll work for the ends, and have enough left over to reskin the door and the rock guard, which we wanted to do anyway. Bad news, we didn’t have enough of the wider boards to brace where the back bunk will be, so we couldn’t skin the ends this weekend.

So, Clyde is all naked and we can’t do anything until we:

a. Have another weekend off together (the joys of a hubby in law enforcement… crappy hours. He’ll work the next 2 weekends).

b. Get the new sheet metal ordered (4 day processing)

c. Pay for said metal

d. Get all the bracing for the back bunk

e. chisel the remaining window out, which is on the back and put in with some sort of concrete or something, LOL.

Clyde is all bones!!!

So, our big exciting weekend did have us getting a LOT of work done, just not the final bit of work we were so excited about.

Considering that we are BRAND new to campers, let alone rebuilding one, it’s amazing we haven’t hit a larger snafu than this before now. But, it didn’t stop me from sitting down and having a good cry. Pity Party for 2, please! While I was snotting and whining and generally behaving like a total weenie, the most beautiful thing happened…

A Family of Deer!

Mom and Dad live on the edge of the lake and right up on some woods. Out of them wanders 2 does and 3 fawns. They were so close. We just sat and watched them for ages. They finally wandered far enough away that Chad was able to sneak and grab the camera and get a few shots. One of the does finally goes uncomfortable with us, and started stomping its foot at us and even snorting a little. Then, off they went!

So, that ended my pity party. we packed up our stuff, and Chad will go back today (he’s off) with a roll of plastic sheeting and cover up Clyde with it, so the wood won’t warp over the next 2.5 weeks until we can get back to it and get to work again.

Hopefully, we’ll have ALL the metal this time and just go ahead and skin the whole beast. So, I promised you awesome pictures, and I delivered. Just pics of naked Clyde and gorgeous deer instead of dressed Clyde. You’ll have to wait a little over 2 weeks for those. Sorry!


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