Clyde Got Mail! And a Facebook page!

Found this in my draft folder. Ooops! Thought I’d published it already.

Clyde’s had quite a great couple of days here! He’s quite full of himself, though. But, he kinda deserves it. Why? ‘Cause Clyde’s got FANS! Like more than 1! And, not the kind that cool a room down. REAL FANS!

First of all, he got his first piece of mail EVER. This was a milestone for him! Our friend Karen sent him the cutest little sticker (that will go on a place of honor on Clyde’s back window) and addressed the envelope to Clyde Mensch! I had to open the enveloope for him, ’cause he doesn’t have opposable thumbs. And, his little tires don’t grip that well.

Clyde Mail!

He also got a Facebook Page of his very own! He’s writing it himself (well, I help a little), at the suggestion of the same friend who sent us the sticker (Thanks, Karen!). He seems to have a lot of fun at the expense of his parents. But, considering I have posted pics of him without his “pants” on, I guess I can’t complain!
Anyway, here’s Clyde’s Facebook, so feel free to drop in, leave a post or check out some of his albums!
Clyde The Camper


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