Caution: Man with Power Tools & Fire. Wooohoo, baby!

Since we are making Clyde an all-electric marvel, we don’t need the battery box or the propane tanks that ride on the front of the camper. The tanks we took off to Iris Glenn for recycling (they were about a bajillion years old and empty). The battery Chad is saving, as Bonnie doesn’t have one, and will need a new one in the future (hint: if you buy a new battery without an old one to turn in, they charge you extra. So,if you buy an old vehicle without a battery, find some ancient one and take it in. You’ll save yourself a pile of cash). All that remained were the brackets and hoses that housed everything. Our plan is to custom make a box the shape of the yoke on the front (I think that’s what it’s called). Kind of a groovy metal, wood thing, in a triangular shape. So, Chad had to get all the bits ‘n’ pieces off.

Out comes the power tools! I’m tellin’ ya, folks… there’s nothing as hot in the world as a man wielding power tools. Unless it’s a sweaty man wielding power tools that shoot FIRE!!!!!

Fire! Fire!

OK, I might be a little partial to this particular guy. Who knows? I do know that he is going to KILL me when he reads this post. So, it’s been nice knowing you. Please scatter my ashes in Clyde, so the raccoon can carry them into the big, bad world.

Anyway, he got all that junk cut off and also cut off the tetanus special (aka the really scary, rusty chains that supposedly hold Clyde to the camper in case it comes off the hitch. I don’t think these things would have held a june bug to a duck, but hey… what do I know?!). What’s left? A nice, smooth canvas for us to build the box on!

Blank Canvas or messy metal, depends on your point of view.

So, that’s my small update. This weekend is a big deal. We’ll be doing the final bracing on all the walls for the BIG deal to come… NEW SIDING. If all goes according to plan, and we get to work on him the next 2 weekends, we should have his new siding on by August 20th. That is a big IF. We’ve had a lot going on lately, and may have to attend to some family matters one of the weekends. Such is life! But, even if it takes a month more, at least we are making progress and are looking at finally making a BIG step, instead of a million little ones. It’s really exciting.

Oh, and I get to watch Chad sweat some more. Yeah, baby!


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  1. Katie
    Aug 09, 2012 @ 11:34:42

    I find myself partial to men operating vacuum cleaners without being told, (pool vacuums, shop vacs, household vacuums, swiffer, brooms, etc.) so I totally understand the power tool remark and hope you don’t get in too much trouble.


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