The last of the bad… not as bad as we feared!

We finally managed to get the last bit of the camper interior demo’d out! The front bits, past the door. We were terrified, as the back was a total mess. That’s where we got into the worst rot and warping. So, figuring if the back was bad, the front would be worse… we went in armed with crowbars and crappy attitudes. But, we didn’t expect it to go well! There had been rot at some time, but the previous owner’s botched attempts to remodel had actually worked… mostly. He’d gotten it all cleaned out, but didn’t realize there’d been quite a bit of warping. So, we ripped out the last, hideous remains of evil, grasscloth wallpapered paneling and the crumbling econoboard paneling. And, finally, every bit of Clyde is down to the bare bones. 

Gorgeous bare metal and non-rotted wood! What we anticipated being a nightmare was quite easy!

And, the bones were good! No rot, except a very small area at the front, right. It was easily removed. Unfortunately, we ran out of screws, so didn’t get to replace it. It’s been the running joke, these screws. They are the only kind that work the way we need them to (biting into the wood to draw it tight, but being short enough to not go thru the other side). The ONLY place that carries them is ACE hardware and they carry them… 3 boxes at a time. So, we buy out every ACE we can find, each week. Probably we could get them to special order some, but it is honestly like getting to hunt. It’s become something to laugh about. We make our little ACE rounds every few days. 

The other running joke would be Construction Adhesive (aka Liquid Nails). The previous owners (who received a new name this week, more on that later) seemed to think that Liquid Nails would fix anything. And, if it was broken, all it needed was MORE Liquid Nails. So, every piece of plywood, every board, every bit of paneling and wire, they added MORE. Strings and globs and great, burgeoning piles of Liquid Nails. And, when one attaches paneling with Liquid Nails, the paneling will NEVER come loose. Well, it will, but only with tons of crowbar action. During one session of 30 minutes to chisel loose a 1×6 foot piece of paneling, Chad actually lifted the crowbar over his head and yelled, “You Damn Dirty Apes!”  

I pretty much peed my pants laughing, and the Previous Owners now have a new name. They are “The Damn Dirty Apes” from here on out. So, that got used a lot this weekend. That, and many, many new curse words, as well as the old standby ones. They all got used. But, we prevailed and the paneling is no more! The windows are all framed in, the walls are all framed in, and we are ready for the next phase! 

Next weekend, we will tear out the ceiling (I am not counting it as the interior demo, as roof/ceiling is a whole ‘nother creature). We will finish rebuilding the front, and God willing, go pick up some new, cheap siding we found on Craigslist and start to reskin the Clyde!!! 

Now, to close with some pics of the fun we had! 


Celebrating the end of interior demo with a Diet Dr. Pepper toast! This is the area we’ll be putting the dinette, so we pretended it was there. Of course, our view was hampered, as we could not open the window cover, because if we did the window would fall out. Ooops.

Chad slaving away, again, in front of the site of our last bit of demo. Say farewell to the paneling, the ugly flooring, etc. They are all gone now!


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Loper
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 21:47:23

    Do Jo’s feet even touch the floor when she puts them down??? lol!!


  2. sillyliss
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 21:54:23

    Oh, I just love the picture of the soda cheers. Woo! Yay, Clyde, for not being rotten to the bones!


  3. jennifer coon
    Jul 17, 2012 @ 12:27:15

    Hey you all! what is gonna be put in the camper once it is done? Donna owns a RV she is gonna part out is there anything you might be interested in, let us know. love the Blog you are to funny Emily!


    • clydethecamper
      Jul 17, 2012 @ 12:29:11

      Oooh, Jennifer, we need several things! One of the biggies is cushions for the dinette and stuff. I had no idea how hard they are to find! Also, could use a dinette table. I’ll check with Chad and see if he can think of anything else! Thanks!!!!


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