Paint! A Poll and Contest!

OK, I’ve been trying to do this post forever, but (and it hurts me so to admit this) it’s taken me this long to figure out how to post the pictures. I’m so dismayed by my lack of techiness. Sigh. I gave up and just saved the pictures, and posted them that way. I’m sure there’s some fabulous link-y way to do it, but GOK (God only knows…). So, just pretend they have links, okay?!

Anyway, for those who do not know, I am a Pinterest addict. And, my favorite use for it… pinning stuff for Clyde!!! As it looks like we’ll be doing a massive paint job on him, many of my pins are of other vintage camper exteriors. I’m going to share some of those, and let me know which ones you like best by voting in the poll. Bear in mind, he’ll still be avocado and cream, these are just schemes I like not necessarily color.

NOW… the contest part?! You have to leave me a comment and justify WHY you think that particular paint scheme is just what Clyde needs!!! My favorite justification wins a Clyde prize! Might be a scrap of his original wallpaper, might be a cute owl, you never know, do you?!

On with the paint schemes!!!

Scheme 1: The Doodles

A solid background color with doodles in lots of fun 1970’s colors! Avocado, burnt orange, etc.

Scheme 2: The Graphic Touch

Anything from paisleys to pink flamingos. Just the idea of the cool vinyl graphics.

Scheme 3: The Scallops

Only 2 colors, but it makes it pop with color!

Scheme 4: Simply Swoopy

I love the lines and especially love the simple silver pinstriping.

Scheme 5: The Big Stripes

I love the simplicity. But, you still get color in a good size dose. What color would you use to accent it? For the small stripe?

Scheme 6: The Waves

This is so simple, but it gives it such a sweet look!

Scheme 7: Plain Ol’ Clyde… his original paint job, just redone and made pretty! A nice, shiny almond color with a big, avocado green stripe all the way around!

The One and Only Clyde!

I had the idea of doing a cute little poll that you could click and vote, but honestly… wordpress strikes again. They make you import from another site, add all the junk into it and it’s a huge pain. So, just leave me a comment with your choice and WHY! The more fun, the better! Winners will be picked sometime in the next 2 weeks. We all know how forgetful I am, so that gives me time to remember it. Sad, huh? Yeah. I know.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sillyliss
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 14:00:19

    Scheme 2, scheme 2! They are all very cute, though. Can’t wait to see what Clyde becomes.


  2. Charles Robinson
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 14:24:23

    I’m torn between two of these.

    Scheme 2

    1. Classic is great but you have an opportunity to create ART.
    2. You’re married to one of the most amazing artists I know. Vinyl? CHAD DON’T NEED NO STEENKING VINYL!
    3. It can match both your personalities. Owls in the trees looking in horror at zombie deer feasting on bunnies oughta give the children something to talk about on the highway.

    Scheme 3

    1. The simplicity just seems a natural fit.
    2. The scallops are whimsical and fun, and large enough that they don’t come across as too feminine (like Scheme 6).
    3. It has a retro vibe that fits with an old school name like Clyde.


  3. Christy Rogers
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 14:32:40

    Scheme 4: Simply Swoopy
    Kinda for the same reasons Chuck put for his comment on Scheme 3. Retro.. will look good in your chosen colors, not to girlie. But I like this one better than the scallops because it is a bit more artistic..not uniform or conforming to a set pattern.. just like you and Chad (this is a total complement). That screams Clyde to me! And just to keep them guessing.. you could throw in a doodle or two.


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