Chillolator 3000 has to GO!!

Well, as usual, we are back and forth, back and forth. Some areas making progress, some areas… not so much!!! We’ve had several “Clyde Days” as we call our work days, but I haven’t taken time to post. So, I’ll catch up today!

Well, our killer AC unit, The Chillolator 3000 (Okay, it’s really just a Sunbeam, but doesn’t that sound way cooler?!), was an addition by the Previous Owners. It’s one heckuva AC. I mean, it’ll turn that camper into a meat locker. But, since it was added late in Clyde’s life, it was in the metal exterior AFTER some settling and a possible wreck had occurred. So, we had to pull it out to straighten the sheet metal.

Clyde Chillolator 3000 before removal

Doesn’t look like 1000 pounds does it? Well, it FELT like it!!!

Those fabulous people, THE PREVIOUS OWNERS ( who get called Much, Much worse when I’m not posting to the internet), had somehow managed to screw the stupid AC in from the inside. From inside the AC case/housing. I do not even know how that was possible. I mean, it would require the flexibility of a Cirque-du-Soleil acrobat to get those stupid screws in there! But, of course, we are not acrobats, so we just ripped, cut, cussed and tore the stupid things out! Did I mention we got to make sparks? FIRE!!!

This is actually AFTER we got the stupid thing out, and just grinding down the last of the screws sticking up. But, isn’t it a cool picture?! FIRE!!!

This brings us to the issue of perspective. When we could see the AC only halfway at any given time, it didn’t look that big. Well, when you yank it out and can see it all at once… It is HUGE. I am talking Chad-could-barely-lift-it/It-barely-fits-thru-the-door HUGE. After a discussion, we think we are going to get a new one. Why?

A. It is HUGE and takes up a ton of room hanging out the back of the camper.

B. It is HUGE and weighs a lot and since we are planning on using a 6 cylinder Jeep Wrangler to tow it, lightness is of utmost importance.

C. It is HUGE and if we get a smaller one, it will still cool the same, but can be relocated to the front where the battery box/propane tanks would normally go and eliminate the need for the bracing on the back bumper and make the weight more evenly distributed as it will ride on the hitch.

D. It is HUGE.

So, we still have the Chillolator for use when we work on the camper, until we get a new one, but we’re definitely going to replace him with a newer and much smaller unit. For that tiny camper, we’ve found them for as little as $99. So, it’ll at least be a cheap investment! I was thinking we’d have to have a remote, but since we are probably moving it up front under the sofa, the sofa will be on hinges/hydraulics, and will be easy to pull up to adjust the AC, we won’t need the remote. At least, that’s what I’m thinking so far.

Of course, now that we are putting the AC unit up front, we are having discussion as to whether or not to have the front area as  dinette or as a couch/bed. We could move the Dinette to the back and have it bigger. So, that is up in the air. Hopefully this weekend, we’ll get a lot done (3 Day Weekend, lots of Clyde time), and make some decisions there.

Beyond the wonders of 175 pound AC units, we got a lot done on the back side of the camper. We actually got the back wall almost completed. This has felt like such a Herculean task. But, we are finally there! It’s so much stronger than it was, and we got the back end boosted up to where it used to be. We are actually going to have to recut the back access panel, because with the boost and rebuild, there is “extra” sheet metal now! So, we’re going to have to recut the hole. All this is left is some extra braces and reframing the access panel. Oh, and pulling the window out. That’ll be a treat. It’s in there with about 100 pounds of expanda-foam. Phew. Wish us luck!!

Which brings us to our latest quandry. What to do about the sheet metal. We have finally found a place that will order us sheet metal for the outside (the “skin” we are always talking about). He’s getting us pricing, so that will determine how much skin we replace. I am hoping it will be cheap enough that we can replace completely the sections that have all the holes cut in the side for the furnace, stove, etc. that we no longer use. Otherwise, we’ll just board those up when we do the interior walls and leave the grills/grates on there, so it won’t be such a patch job from the outside. I’d rather have a pretty, smooth surface, though. So, that’s another thing we are watching and planning.

The camper from the Chillolator’s point of view. Actually, the whole back wall was out when I took this, so it gives you a good idea of what it looks like inside!

Our parting shot, Clyde without his pants on. Yup, he’s mooning you!

Next post will be HUGE. It’ll cover all the fun things we will be fixing over Memorial Day weekend! AND… the announcement of a CONTEST!!!! Yes, loyal readers (both of you), we will be having a CLYDE CONTEST!!!! So, keep your eyes peeled. I promise, the next post will actually be interesting!


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  1. cedwardrobinson
    May 30, 2012 @ 12:51:35

    Yay, I like contests! Do I have to make fire to win? Please say yes.


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