Vintage Round-up!

I have had so much fun trying to find the perfect vintage items for my dear Clyde. I have to admit to spending an ungodly amount of time trawling Etsy and eBay for vintage goodies. A girl’s gotta have a hobby, and it fills the hours I do not get to work on Clyde.

I already had some nifty plates and cups, but when I saw the vintage Tupperware plates, cups and mugs, I nearly had a heart attack. Did you even know that Tupperware made these? I had no idea!

Beautiful Plumage

Did you notice the cute little mugs?? They are MAGIC!! Well, the mugs aren’t, but the little circle thingees are. Oh, so magic!!  Magic, you say??


Look, it’s a coaster. But, how is a coaster magic???


When it doubles as a LID!!!!

As it turns out, Chad’s mom used to sell Tupperware and he remembers having these very same cups and plates. I thought that was just awesome! So, a neat bit of memory for him.

Now, what might the little “tower” in the back be? A spice set! There are 4 individual spice containers with shaker/pour tops that stack. Unbreakable and highly useful, so I am, naturally in love!

It's lookin' spicy in here!

Oh, and what is the sparkly, silver stuff in the front? It’s a set of letters from the Vintage Marketplace. I think they are brushed aluminum. Spells out Clyde. I’m going to use them in a shadowbox.


Bendix only made campers for a few years, so finding anything about them is almost impossible. The camper had no markings, no badges, no indication that it’s a Bendix. I’ve tried to find anything about them, but there’s nothing out there! So, since the Bendix company still exists and has made everything from washing machines to airplanes, I started hunting “vintage Bendix” items on eBay. I found one of the coolest radios EVER.

Radio a la Vintage

Ready for your closeup


It is AM only and probably from the 1940’s. When you plug it in, you can actually hear the vacuum tubes warming up. And, it has surprisingly good sound. The clock doesn’t work, but I’ve found a local clock shop that is willing to try repairing it. Sure, we probably won’t use it much, but it’s just such a neat touch!

The front is glass, and unfortunately, UPS managed to crack it during shipping. 😦  But, it’s still totally cool, so I’m still pleased! I think out of all the bits ‘n’ pieces I’ve rounded up so far, this is Chad’s favorite. I mentioned gutting it and turning it into an MP3 player and I am pretty sure Chad had a small stroke. Apparently, it’ll be staying all original.

My last item isn’t Bendix and isn’t anything I’ll ever use. It’s all about Chad. He’s a martini fanatic. And, when on vacation, once must have a nice martini, right?! So, I wanted to find a vintage martini shaker, but I also wanted it to be something camper-like. Small and kitschy and cute. Oh, did I ever find it!! It wasn’t an actual martini shaker, but so completely cute!!!!

Shook me all night long!

Shake it up, baby!

It’s a smoothie mixer/shaker of aluminum. It also measures, so it’ll do double duty in the kitchen!


So, that’s they Clyde round-up for now. I’m sure I have a lot more shopping to do, and will be telling you all about the fun finds!




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sillyliss
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 08:54:25

    So many cool Clyde things!


  2. clydethecamper
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 13:46:48

    I know! I am in love with all the toys. The poor camper is an empty shell, but I’ve got a ton of items for it. LOL!! I guess maybe I should focus on rebuilding him, huh? But, where would the fun be?????


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