Well, yet another screw-up

Well, poor me. I have a habit of jumping in with both feet and going crazy on stuff, then stepping back and going, “Hmm… I did not think this through.”  I am staring at a small piece of this right now.

It arrived in the mail, on my porch in a big box. A California post-mark. Finally, after weeks of waiting, the Yellow Chenille Bedspread arrived. I had “won” it on eBay. After I won it, I realized the camper wouldn’t hold a double (full size) bed and have room for cabinets, so we’ve decided to do two twins. Naturally, the bedspread was a full size. Not one to let things slow me down much, I figured we could cut it up to be the right size and use the “leftover” pieces as curtains or as upholstery for the cushions we’ll put around the bed (think day-bed/futon/couch).

That would have worked, were it not for the crushing disappointment when I opened the box. It was a lightweight chenille. Basically a super-thin, almost-sheetlike blanket with the requisite chenille fuzzies. Not at all what I’d hoped for. In the picture on eBay it looked like the heavy-weight ones we had when I was a kid.

I have a total inability to sleep under a sheet. I fall asleep under the sheet, only to awaken a short time later with the sheet crunched up at the bottom of the bed, my blanket totally undisturbed. I have no idea how I do this. But, due to that, I have to sleep under a really soft blanket or quilt. This one is too light and it’s scratchy. So, it’s just not going to work at all.

So, I’m back on the hunt and stuck with a chenille blanket I do not like. Or at least, I felt stuck with it, until I realized while it is not to my taste, someone else is in LOVE with it. Weasley, our cat, loves it. He was curling up on it and rubbing all over it as I got it out of the box. He simply would not leave it alone. His favorite place to sleep in the house is on top of a big, upholstered chair in the living room. We have to keep a towel or sheet over it, so he doesn’t cover it in cat-hair. So, since it was not going to work out putting the bedspread in Clyde, we spread it over the chair. Weasley is ecstatic. It protects the chair, so I’m happy.

So, yet another little set-back, but so minor it doesn’t matter. Clyde giveth and the kitty taketh. So, it all works out in the end.

He's snoring. No joke.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sillyliss
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 17:42:16

    I feel the same way about sheets.

    The cat looks happy with the sheet. It really does look warm and inviting in the picture, too.


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