It has been a while

Well, I haven’t posted since September, but it’s a New Year, and I really must get caught up. Let me get you up to date:

Clyde is still just a shell of himself.No, really, he’s pretty much just a shell. The only things remaining in Clyde are a small “bunk” like couch up front (just the frame of it) and a narrow shelf above it. Everything else, including the flooring and the majority of the paneling, are gone.  One of the windows is out and covered with a trash bag. The back right corner is stripped down to the bare metal and is about to become the first thing we “fix” on Clyde.

Drive-thru Window

So, that is how we started our day today. We had plans to work yesterday, when it was 70+degrees and sunny out, but Chad got called into work on an emergency, so that got shot in the head. So, we went in today. When it was in the 50’s and rainy. Yeah, we always have GREAT timing that way.

So, we plug in our little heater (with multiple gaping holes in the exterior, we were merely hoping to knock off the chill, but it did pretty well), and break out some power tools and got a start on rebuilding the corner.

Notice how all the junk gets crammed to the "couch" up front.

So, with that out of the way, we frame in the window. This one window had to come out (and we are hoping the rest won’t), simply because the rot was sooooo bad around it, that we had to completely strip all the wood from around it. No framing+gravity=window fall down. So, we took it out and re-did all the framing. Then… realized we did it wrong. Unscrewed it and replaced it correctly. We didn’t account for the fact that the window has a little trim around it. We had to snug the frame up under the trim. So, even though we wasted about 45 minutes doing it wrong then fixing it, it wasn’t too huge a disaster. We also cleaned out buckets of trash and debris from the destruction-days past. Then, we measured out some things and made some plans. We did not get much done today, due to the monsoon that broke loose, but we finally BUILT something instead of just tearing out!  So, from a hole in the wall covered with a trash-bag to this:

Redneck window be-gone!

Progress, at long last!!!!

I also managed to get one other thing done. Clyde has a little compartment in the back, that you can access from outside. Eventually, this will be under the bed, and will reach into a storage area. Somewhere thru the years, all the keys to Clyde have gotten lost. So, we needed to find a key to the compartment. I managed to get the lock apart today and while wandering at Lowe’s (aka, the Clyde store), I found a replacement! They are called “mailbox locks” in the hardware store and cost $3.58. In camping stores, they are called “compartment locks” and run about $8. Go Lowe’s!!!

None shall enter!!

Compartment door LOCKED

Open Says A Mimi!

Compartment Door Without the Lock!

We’ve still got a LOT of demolition to go, but right now it feels really good to get something done. To build something, instead of just destroying. It makes it feel like we are eventually going to get poor little Clyde back to new and get him out on the road and enjoy him!

So far, most everything has been about Clyde’s “bones” and nothing about what he’ll look like later. We are definitely going to stick with his 1970’s roots. And what says 1970 better than owls?? NOTHING! That’s what! So, we’re going to have a lot of avocado green, harvest gold, burnt orange and owls and mushrooms and maybe a lava lamp! We’ve bought a TON of stuff for the inside (light fixtures, a microwave, linens, etc), but I’ve not taken pics. So, here’s a sneak preview of what is to come. Some day soon, I’ll try to do a post of all the bits ‘n’ pieces we’ve acquired thus far.

Owl Be Seeing You In All The Old Familiar Places...

The pillow is one of a set (they look exactly alike) and the plan is to have them chillin’ on one of the beds. The little ceramic owls are salt and pepper shakers! VERY groovy! These are actually new items, from Pier One. My friend Katie got me the stuffed owl after I tried to steal hers. Then, after Christmas, I found another one, and bought it myself. The S&P set were on clearance for $5. So, that was quite the steal.

Next time I blog, I’ll tell you about how some of the items I have bought are already going to have to be repurposed (sheets the wrong size, etc) and hopefully have pictures of some of our interior items. Thanks for putting up with my rambling and with the loooong lulls between posts!


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